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Narika provides support for victims of domestic violence focusing on promoting women’s independence, economic empowerment, and well-being by helping domestic violence survivors with advocacy, support, and education since 1992. Narika moved out of Oakland office to new Fremont location in March.

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The Way (formerly Project Bayview)

More About The Way

Project Bayview supports the restoration of men and women into society from pasts of incarceration, homelessness, domestic violence and substance abuse. Through holistic training and one-on-one live-in mentoring, Project Bayview provides a beacon of hope in a under-supported part of San Francisco.Coupled with a revenue-building restaurant, which also serves as a job-training facility, they are eager to be a place where people pivot into a constructive and connected life. Philanthropy By Design will refresh buildings with new paint, furniture for lounge areas and bedrooms, and flooring.


More About Whistlestop

Whistlestop promotes the independence, well-being and quality of life for older adults and people living with disabilities in Marin County. The project will be the remodeling of the Transportation Call Center.

Whistlestop Design Presentation

Community Works Oakland

More About Community Works

Community Works mission is to reduce the impact of incarceration on individuals, families, and communities. A lot of work has been done in the exploration of the effect of incarceration on families and children of incarcerated parents. Eight primary programs help clients and their families access the inner power to work and live to their full potential through classes, after-school programs, therapy sessions and case management. These insights keep people out of prison, advocate for a more humane justice system, and support healthy communities for all of us. CWW pioneered the first programs for children of the incarcerated and the first restorative justice programs in the country, and also launched family strengthening programs for incarcerated people in the San Francisco County Jail and two state prisons as well as provide reentry programs for young adults exiting the SF county jail.

HealthRIGHT 360

More about HealthRIGHT 360

HealthRIGHT360’s Integrated Care Center provides an innovative healthcare model to serve all San Franciscans, but primarily designed to treat low-income patients and the harder-to-reach homeless individual. With five floors and 50,000 square feet of space, clients are able to receive comprehensive treatment services under one roof: primary medical care, dentistry, mental health services, substance use disorder treatment, housing referral, employment opportunities, adult education, as well as a dining room and pharmacy. The project includes hanging tie-dye fabrics on four floors encompassing the four reception areas, three conference rooms and administrative areas.

Madison Park Academy

More About Madison Park Academy

Madison Park Business & Art Academy is a middle school in East Oakland, named after President James Madison. This project is the creation of a staff lounge with a warm and inviting coffee house vibe. There will be places to relax, collaborate, hang out, work on projects and have a quiet moment. PBD is obtaining donated furniture as well as purchasing some pieces, in addition to new carpet tile and paint. (Madison Park Academy will handle the painting). Outside of the staff lounge, there will be outdoor seating for a café option.

Stochastic Labs

More About Stochastic Labs

Stochastic Labs in Berkeley convenes the best creative minds in the SF Bay Area about technology, science, entrepreneurship and the arts. The project consists of a revitalization of the main entry, lounge areas, dining room and small conference room, with guidance in the selection of paint, carpet and furnishings. The design concept is “modern gothic” relating it to both Stochastic Lab’s vision and practices and the character of the historic Victorian building they are housed in. The designer team is Carmen Seger, Karin Pardella, and Bob Wilson.