It was such a pleasure to

work with Julie and Heather. They have a great eye for redesigning spaces. They took one look at our site supervisor's office and immediately knew how to

transform it into a warm professional office and a welcoming place to meet

with parents. What a thrill to see the great pieces of furniture they brought

in to brighten up some of our other office and lobby spaces.”

Karen Wing
WYCDC board president


Whitney Young
Child Development Center
San Francisco, CA


Completed March 2009

The mission of Whitney Young Child Development Center is to serve and promote the needs, rights, and wellbeing of San Francisco's young children. They focus on providing educational and developmental services and resources while acting as advocates for children and their families. Donating over 40 hours of time, Philanthropy by Design helped Whitney Young to create a more cohesive space that was comfortable for the staff, and inviting for the children and their families.
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Project Highlight

We are proud to say that thanks to Sherwin Williams, whose no-VOC paint we used on this project. Not only did we improve staff morale and efficiency, but we also contributed to their health and well-being. For us, that’s a really successful project!
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Volunteers Julie Drechsel and Heather Johnson worked to create a cohesive design with each room having its own design scheme – executive office, teacher’s lounge, reception area and supervisor’s office. The challenge with this project was to successfully integrate furniture from Service West’s existing inventory using a limited number of design hours. Being clear about which items to pull from the warehouse meant that transportation and delivery were optimized, with no returns. The result is a warm, inviting atmosphere, implemented flawlessly. This project kept several hundred pounds of furniture out of Bay Area landfills as it could no longer be stored at the warehouse.


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Project Management

Furniture Selection
Interior Design


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Service West

Sherwin Williams


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Julie Drechsel

Heather Johnson

Linda Schanfein


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No-VOC paint | Sherwin Williams

Bookcases | Brown & Toland

Furniture | PBD

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