What started as a

much-needed functional upgrade proved to be something unexpected…

PBD created an incredibly upbeat and energizing space that we firmly believe positively affects our residents’ self esteem.”

Rasheeda Blakely
On-site Coordinator

Samaritan House

Samaritan House

Safe Harbor Emergency Shelter

San Francisco, CA

Samaritan House provides services to help meet the essential daily needs of more than 12,000 low-income people within San Mateo County, California. They provide an interim "safety net" for individuals and families in need while ultimately helping them move toward self-sufficiency. PBD redesigned one of the more intimate spaces in the facility – the women’s shower and bathroom area, making it more functional, but more importantly making it less institutional and more home-like.


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Project Highlight

Bathrooms are often overlooked, but if you think about your own home, the bathroom is often a place of refuge where you can become clean, refreshed… maybe even have a sense of ritual. We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to create an intimate space for these women, one that would help them feel ready to face the world every morning!
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The color palette was the key to this project – warm and inviting, with gold and orange tones to counter the cool gray shower dividers. Orange represents energy, enthusiasm, a 'get-it-done' attitude, and balance. It typically symbolizes happiness, energy, balance, heat, fire, enthusiasm and playfulness, perfect for the shower curtains. We wanted the women who use this bathroom to feel special, so the floral decorative wallpaper was an unusual decision, but one that clearly says “you’re worth it”!


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Project Management

Color Theory

Interior Design


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National Guild of Professional Paperhangers(NGPP); Northern California Chapter


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Gerri Beauvais

Kay Chesterfield

Dave de la Chevrotiere

Rose Garrison

Gus Maseba

Dave Moore

Chuck Melin Consttuction | Mural framing and installation

Earl Wanbaugh

Jean Boles

Donald Foreman

Lauretta Jenkins

Gerri Beauvais

Norman Meunier

Larry Charon


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Benjamin Moore Paints | Paint

Chroma Art | Signage

Kay Chesterfield | Fabric

Tri Kes Wallcovering | Wallpaper

Dunn Edwards | Paint

Track Lighting | Jeri Brittell

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