"There is nothing more satisfying than to brainstorm with our project staff members and their clients and to see them light up when the project comes to fruition."

Diane Nicolson
PBD Board Member

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Project Management
From the initial site visit through project completion, PBD’s design professionals manage the process; including interior design, space planning and product procurement. The PBD team meets with agency staff, and in some cases with their clients, to identify design solutions that will best realize and enhance the agency’s mission. On a pro bono basis, these professionals design inspiring spaces to meet the unique needs of each facility. The result is a sense of pride and shared ownership of the completed project.
Interior Design & Space Planning
PBD’s volunteer designers and architects transform uninviting, inefficient facilities into attractive, workable environments by promoting the benefits of quality design and creative reuse. These environments inspire, comfort and motivate -- improving the quality of people’s lives.
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PBD is fortunate to have an array of talented artists within its volunteer ranks who can bring a sense of space and beauty to otherwise windowless, and/or institutional types of environments. Our artists and designers create original murals, many times with the assistance of the agency’s volunteers, that deliver a sense of openness and freedom to agency staff and clientele.
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Color Consultation
Many PBD projects spring to life simply through the sensitive use of color. Our volunteers’ expertise in selecting colors for paint, wall finishes. laminates, carpet, etc. transform even the most challenging or budget-restricted environments.
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Product Sourcing
PBD receives donated furnishings and accessories from a variety of sources, including companies that are moving, downsizing or renovating. In other cases, PBD receives donations from manufacturers who are redirecting overstocked or discontinued merchandise; or, from hotels that are updating their properties. Individual and designer donations are yet another valuable source.
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