With PBD’s assistance

and generosity, our agency was able to complete our dream of a comfortable, inviting and efficient environment for our clients and staff.”

Mark Hamner
Special Projects Coordinator NCSL


Northern California Service League
San Francisco, CA


Completed Dec 2007



Founded in 1948, the Northern California Service League (NCSL) is dedicated to reducing crime by helping offenders and ex-offenders

become responsible and productive citizens through education, prevention, intervention, and transitional housing and job placement assistance. Their heartfelt mission is “Awakening New Futures”.


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Project Highlight

The mural Jeri painted for the entry became a colorful focal point of the facility, with its abstract images representing the path to success for the Service League’s clients. Seeing their logo come alive as part of their environment was something they would not have envisaged.
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PBD provided interior design services for the facility. PBD volunteer and Interior Designer Jeri Brittell interpreted the new NCSL logo as stenciled signage on the building’s exterior and interior walls and created an inspiring mural at the entrance to the building. The images are so thought provoking, they have a study group on “What the mural images mean to me.” One person said, “I see a ladder to success” , another “The bird is me flying free.”, etc. It also gave the facility a sense of “place” when Jeri stenciled the logo on the front of the building and again inside.  Jeri’s artistic touch took this project to a whole new level.


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Fine Art (mural)


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Service West

Sherwin Williams


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Jeri Brittell

Julie Drechsel


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