The staff and clients at the St Vincent de Paul MSCS were so grateful to artist Jeri Brittell and PBD for their work in creating a more welcoming atmosphere in their dining room where meals are served to over 400 homeless people every day.
Since their basement dining room has no windows and a low ceiling, the mural painting created a sense of space and beauty with the 16 foot long "Peaceful Countryside View". 

"It has contributed so much to the dignity of the homeless community of San Francisco by honoring this place where they are served. Thank you so much for all your efforts in the transformation of the MSC dining room. Bellisimo!"

Lessy Benedith
Director, MSCS

St. Vincent De Paul

Multi Service Center South


Phase 1: Dining Room - Complete

Phase 2: Women's World - In Progress


San Francisco, CA


The Multi-Service Center homeless shelter is the largest homeless shelter in Northern California. It shelters, feeds and supports 340 homeless men and women every night, and provides drop-in services to 150 each day in addition to a safe place to sleep, full breakfast and dinner. The Multi-Service Center offers crisis counseling, drop-in medical care and HIV-testing, mental health and substance abuse case management, job and housing search assistance, a library and computer lab, support groups for those recovering from trauma, and emergency clothing, shower and laundry facilities.

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Project Highlight

Jeri spent months on her mural, adding an amazing level of detail. Stylistically, the painting is timeless, and depicts a view of the countryside – a far cry from the city streets. It was wonderful to see her make the last brush stroke!
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In March 2007, members of the IIDA Board of Directors met with Mayor Gavin Newsom offering interior design talent and resources to renovate the homeless shelter run by St. Vincent de Paul. PBD became involved when IIDA requested our collaboration on this project.


After several team meetings with priorities set, the dining room would be part of the first phase. We brainstormed and came up with what we thought to be the most important element – a mural –a way to improve the dark basement area where the meals are served.


In the second phase PBD worked with other volunteers to renovate the Women's World Sleeping Area; also shown in these photos. We separated the sleeping area from the lounge area with laminated hanging panels to give them a space for relaxing away from where they sleep. A comfy space to watch TV, play board games, sit and have conversation. Using recycled 3-Form scraps we designed a collage in the entry way and new paint. The women's sleeping area is next to the dining room in the basement and the renovation lifted their spirits...they respect the space that gives them a home off the streets.


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Interior design

Lighting design

Fine Art (mural)


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PBD | $2,000 donation from Have a Heart event


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Jeri Brittell


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Sherwin Williams | 15 gallons paint

Haas Foundation | Office furniture

Service West | Moving & storage services

Skaar Furniture | Lowenstein chairs

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