"Philanthropy By Design helped to transform The Mexican Museum at Fort Mason Center. Under Linda Schanfein's capable leadership as President of PBD, she pulled together a team of design professionals to create new visual arts galleries, an education lounge, a re-vamped museum store, and a new Clean Room to assess, inventory, and digitize the museum's collection of 14,000 works of art. In addition, PBD secured other substantial pro-bono services and products. This is a major contribution to this important arts and cultural organization that serves residents of, and visitors to, San Francisco."


Dr. Jonathan Lorenzo Yorba
The Mexican Museum CEO

The Mexican Museum

San Francisco

The soul and spirit of the arts and cultures of Mexico and the Americas are fundamentally linked. Through its programs, The Mexican Museum voices the complexity and richness of Latino art throughout the Americas, encouraging dialogue among the broadest public.


The Mexican Museum, initially located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District, was founded in 1975 by San Francisco resident and artist, Peter Rodríguez. The Museum was the realization of Mr. Rodríguez's vision that an institution be created in the United States to exhibit the aesthetic expression of the Mexican and Mexican-American people. Today, our vision has expanded to reflect the evolving scope of the Mexican, Chicano, and Latino experience.


In 1982 the Museum moved to Fort Mason Center where it has amassed a permanent collection of over 14,000 objects. This spectacular collection is unique in the nation and includes Pre-Hispanic, Colonial, Popular, Modern and Contemporary Mexican and Latino, and Chicano Art.


The Museum is currently preparing for the completion of our permanent home which will be built in downtown San Francisco's Yerba Buena Arts District. The Museum continues to offer educational and public programming throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Through our association with Wells Fargo Storefront Renovations, the Director of Community Development, Mario Diaz, forwarded information about PBD to the CEO of The Mexican Museum, Jonathan Yorba and recommended us to help with the renovations of their space into galleries in Fort Mason. The Mexican Museum applied and we set up a site visit. The space was overloaded with garbage, old furniture, old carpet and needed a major facelift and a new floor plan to make the museum operational and once again be open to the public. PBD went to work, with the help of Service West we cleaned out the space and offered storage for their inventory to remove all the clutter. We put some space planning into effect and with donated products, new carpet and paint, we had spaces that would continue to evolve into the Galleries (3), Education Room, Collections Room and La Tienda (store) it would finally be ready to open as refurbished Mexican Museum and allow future planning for exhibits and showcase their extensive permanent collection. This renovated space now offers visitors an opportunity to see special collections of Mexican history and new emerging artists plus offering Spanish classes, events and continue the important education of Latino Culture for all who step through the doors. The Mexican Museum secured a Smithsonian Affiliation partnership, the only one of its kind in the City and County of San Francisco.



Interior Design
Space Planning
Project Management
Cleanup and Inventory Storage
Lighting Design
Color Consultation and CAD Dwgs.
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Jeremy Bitter
Vanessa Thornton
Ethel Jimenez
Shannon del Vecchio

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Interface Flor /New Carpet tiles and installation
Kelly Moore /Paint – labor and materials
Service West/ trash removal & clean up Moving & storage for inventory
McCrae – desks & task chairs
PBD – lamps, side chairs, tables, movable whiteboard, carpet tiles

( PBD over $17,000 in donations. $11,000 carpet tiles & installation labor - $6,000 paint – labor & Materials )

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