Certified Silver Guarantees A Greener Path

shaw1bShaw Contract Group believes that innovative design inspires change.  The way people live, work, think, create and heal – all made better by design.  As a global design leader for commercial spaces, Shaw Contract Group carpet and floorcovering products are engineered for beauty, durability and sustainability.

The company stays  true to its commitment to create the most beautiful and sustainable flooring in the world, and believes that an ongoing investment in growth and sustainability initiatives are key to the future creation of value for customers. Vertically integrated, the company can control its entire supply chain, allowing its leadership to exude the courage and conviction to build a sustainable product platform. Shaw Contract Group adheres to the Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ Products Program, the most rigorous assessment protocol.

EcoWorx backing  and EcoSolution Q fiber is Cradle to Cradle certified Silver, is fully recyclable, PVC-free and bitumen-free. Used in conjunction with Lok*Dots pressure sensitive adhesive (also Cradle to Cradle certified at the Silver level), this provides a completely sustainable flooring system. All backed by Shaw Contract Group’s Environmental Guarantee – which means at the end of the flooring’s useful life, the company will collect and recycle the flooring at no cost to the customer.  With almost 2 billion square feet of EcoWorx installed across the globe – that’s a guaranteed greener path.

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Truly Touching

“I believe in making the most of my hands, therefore I weave, knit or embroider. Being able to touch is very important to me and I love tactile items. I always encourage people to touch my work. I intertwine my energy of recycling/reusing with emotions, experiences, observations and conversations. Majority of the items I use, are gathered from various places, situations and people.

My theory is, every discarded item has another use before it gets tossed into our over flowing landfills. With that theory, I see it as my responsibility to see items are reused, just as items are recycled in the blue bins. Depending in the mood or mode I am in, I’ll weave, knit or embroider just about anything. I see many different possibilities in the future. I also, see many different possibilities in one item.”

– Artist’s Statement: LaurieLu