Tools of the Trade


Certified Silver Guarantees A Greener Path

Shaw Contract Group believes that innovative design inspires change.  The way people live, work, think, create and heal - all made better by design.  As a global design leader for commercial spaces, Shaw Contract Group carpet and … [Read More...]

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Creative Juices

Knitted Plastic Bags

Truly Touching

"I believe in making the most of my hands, therefore I weave, knit or embroider. Being able to touch is very important to me and I love tactile items. I always encourage people to touch my work. I intertwine my energy of … [Read More...]

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Ask PeaBohDee


Ask PeaBohDee: What exactly is a VOC?

Q: I’ve heard people talking about Low VOC paint and how it’s better for us. And now I’m noticing people talking about VOC’s in lots of building and design products. What exactly is a VOC? Is it just an unpleasant … [Read More...]

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Green Tracker


Green Tracker: Steelcase table

The PBD Board decided as the first product to “GreenTrack“, we would trace back an item that is near and dear to our hearts……….the Steelcase table that we have used for all of our meetings.  It has served us well…..and we wanted … [Read More...]

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Bits & Pieces


The Story of Stuff

I wanted to share an important video that illustrates how crucial PBD’s work in diverting furnishings from landfill really is. Watch The Story of Stuff. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of … [Read More...]