“Through your generosity,
we were able to convey the
importance of community and
goodwill to our young ladies.
The ability to effectively serve
and provide is an ongoing effort. PBD provided the often overlooked philosophy of beautification of one’s surroundings towards conveying a loving, family environment.”

Mary Gastinell
Executive Director (deceased)


Tender Loving Care Residence
San Francisco, CA


Completed December 2005

Gastinell’s is a group home for adolescent girls. To better reflect Gastinell’s mission of providing a positive environment for the girls, PBD upgraded the interior, focusing their design services on the key intimate or communal spaces in the home; bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining areas. Using bright, uplifting colors on the walls and bold fabrics, each bedroom now has a distinct character, and age- and gender-appropriate style. Overall, the home feels contemporary and coordinated, and not at all like an institution.
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Project Highlight

We loved this project – to create a beautiful and calm atmosphere where people can feel safe, cared for, and inspired. From selecting paint and carpet to wall decorations, our skills were a perfect match!
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PBD began with several work sessions with the girls and staff to discuss their needs and wish lists. Working with certain constraints, such as no deconstruction/construction, mostly existing furniture, bars on ground floor windows and a tight time frame, PBD managed the entire transformation process, which took one week from start to finish. With pre-selected furniture at hand in the warehouse, donated materials, and volunteers ready to jump in, the three days of work in the house alongside the girls and staff ran like clockwork.


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Benjamin Moore
Huntsman Architectural Group


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John Hartt
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Mike Miller
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Tom Young


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ABC | carpet
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