Community Works West

Oakland, CA

Community Works mission is to reduce the impact of incarceration on individuals, families, and communities. A lot of work has been done in the exploration of the effect of incarceration on families and children of incarcerated parents. Eight primary programs help clients and their families access the inner power to work and live to their full potential through classes, after-school programs, therapy sessions and case management. These insights keep people out of prison, advocate for a more humane justice system, and support healthy communities for all of us. CWW pioneered the first programs for children of the incarcerated and the first restorative justice programs in the country, and also launched family strengthening programs for incarcerated people in the San Francisco County Jail and two state prisons as well as provide reentry programs for young adults exiting the SF county jail.

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After many years in a one-room office that did not provide for either a comfortable work environment or a place to serve clients, they are now in a new space that will allow the empowerment of people who are affected by incarceration. Following a concept design phase with Architect (EHDD), assistance is needed with furnishings, paint, and carpet to help create community-centric, functional and inviting spaces for not only employees, but also the individuals they are helping.
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