"It was a joy working with your creative staff. We had a big empty space under the bleachers. You transformed the space into a scene on an elegant ship with a mural and photos. It is now a destination and a place where people want to exercise and relax."

Gloria Garcia
SFSC Aquatic Park

Aquatic Park Senior Center

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Senior Center (SFSC) offers powerful programs and outstanding opportunities for seniors including health promotion, supportive professionals, and an active and diverse community of peers. The Aquatic Park Center is one of their two locations, located in a historic building on the beach constructed by the WPA in 1939. The U.S. Parks Department is responsible for maintaining the building.  PBD renovated the area that was originally the locker rooms and showers for the Bathhouse.

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Project Highlight

The creation of a spectacular 48’ Art Deco mural
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The distinctive feature of the Aquatic Park Center is its Moderne Style with reference to the ocean liners of the “Art Deco” period. The building is adorned with “world class” sea-themed mosaics and paintings by artist Hilaire Hiler, who also designed many of the fixtures throughout the building. Both the exterior and interior display the beautifully sculpted and carved-slate panels of San Francisco artist Sargent Johnson. This area was also the location of the men’s and women’s showers, tiled in beautiful mosaics, that are currently being restored.


PBD volunteers, led by Liz Monteleone, created spaces for a bistro, computer learning center and multi-purpose area.  The multi-purpose area has a large skylight allowing daylight to flood the area.  In keeping with the Art Deco period of the building, a large 48' mural was created depicting a ships’ deck with a skyline of San Francisco. The mural was created and directed by artist Ruthy Gold. Volunteers from the community, as well as the senior center, participated in painting the mural.


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Space Planning
Mural Creation
Bar and Computer Center Construction


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Park Service


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Gloria Bernard
Ruthy Gold
Liz Monteleon
Aquatic Park seniors


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